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What is the Child Care Food Program?
The Child Care Food Program is a federally funded program by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which is sponsored locally by Children's Nutrition of FL, Inc. for licensed family child care home providers.
Family child care home providers must plan and serve nutritious foods that meet the requirements for balanced meals; and will be reimbursed for approved meals and snacks served to enrolled children.
The USDA's plays a vital role in improving the quality of child care and by making it more affordable to serve healthy meals and snacks to children.
What Is Required to Participate in the Child Care Food Program?
Participants must:
  • Be a licensed child care home
  • Agree to feed children (newborn to 12 years) menus according to the USDA guidelines
  • Keep an accurate count of all children served at each meal and/or snack
  • Submit required paperwork to Children's Nutrition of Fl. by the 2nd of the following month
  • Attend all required training sessions
  • Allow a sponsor representative to review their meal service during business hours
  • Not discriminate against any child based on race, national origin, sex, age or disability
  • Provide all eligible children the same meal at no additional cost to the parent of guardian
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